Grandeur Engineering is specialize in the machining of Pneumatic Components ,Machining job OEMS & Exports. We firmly believe in quality & commitment we know our customer’s expectations & always pursue ways to provide quality better than expectation We respect environment & encourage measures taken for it’s protection & improvement


CP-4125 Handle

Reducer Housing

CP-1529 Cylinder

LP Cylinder Head

CHLA Handle

CP-D Handle

CP-Front Head

All Pipe



CP-9 Front Head (Step)

ES Collar

RH 658 Back Head

End Ring

Cylinder Housing

CP-4130 CEI Handle

CP-4215 Handle

CP-4181 Handle

CP-22 Front Head

CP-10 Governor Housing

CP-9 Cylinder

Throttle Valve

CP- 4RV Cylinder Head

CP-117 Spacer

CP-9 Cylinder

Handle Control

CP-1020 Cylinder

CP-32 A Cylinder

HP Cylinder Head

CP-117 Back head

Motor Housing

End Ring

CP-1290 Cylinder

RH 658 Cylinder

CP-1260 Cylinder

CP-1230 Front Head

Drum Bearing Housing

Drum Bearing Housing

Drum Bearing Housing

Drum Bearing Housing

CP 32 A Cylinder

Cp 20 Impeller Housing

Valve Block

Flasque Arriere

TR Plate

Extention Housing

CP 1260 Cylinder

GPP -1533 Cylinder

Rotor AXE

CP- D Handle Casting

CP-1116 Cylinder

CPC-25 Cylinder

CP-1528 Cylinder

CP 1529 Cylinder

CP-1530 Cylinder

Top Cover

Reducer Housing

CT Support Plate